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Internet Explorer – Known Issue

Dear Tartan Spirit customers,

We’ve had a few people ‘test run’ the new website before it went live, the majority of the feedback was incredibly positive and I’m just delighted to hear it! However, from the feedback it has been brought to my attention that there are a few technical issues regarding some of the pages. Specifically the drop-down menus to select a tartan, size etc. I’d like to reassure you, this is a known issue, which I’m currently looking into.

It turns out that this problem is specific to Internet Explorer. I understand you might find it terribly frustrating (I certainly would!). While I’m looking into it, the best advice I can give is, depending on how bad you’re finding the issue, I would suggest using Google Chrome when viewing our website.

Hopefully as our new website matures these little technical glitches will sort themselves out!